Customer Segmentation

Each client is different, so NymCard enables banks to segment clients according to their actual spend, providing insight into purchase frequency, location and volume across all categories, allowing for segmentation based on any combination of relevant variables.

NymCard Customer Segmentation

Card Linked Marketing

NymCard empowers banks to place their messages in front of active buyers when they are most engaged by running custom tailored offers, funded by merchants, that can be uploaded straight to clients’ cards.

NymCard Card Linked Marketing

Cross Sell & Up Sell

By having access to structured crucial data on client behaviors and purchase habits, banks can now encourage clients to purchase a comparable higher-end product and make relevant suggestions for related items or offers.

NymCard Cross Sell & Up Sell

Data Consolidation & Enrichment

NymCard's advanced machine learning algorithm gathers financial data from multiple sources such as account, card, transaction and location, consolidates it in one intuitive and secure engine, then compliments it with external enrichment information such as merchant directory data, with the aim of creating meaningful and personalized customer experiences.

NymCard Data Consolidation & Enrichment

From Engagement to Action

NymCard enables Banks to make smarter financial and business decisions by presenting reliable card data and marketing analytics and revamp client relationships through a personalised dialog of financial insights, product recommendations, advanced segmentation of custom user events, live engagement tracking and card based campaigns.

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