NymCard Questions
Does a virtual MasterCard have an expiry date?

Each virtual card is valid for 6 months from issue date.

Where are the card details saved?

The details of a virtual MasterCard are only in the SMS sent to the cardholder.

Is a virtual MasterCard linked to a bank account?

No bank account linked. No bank needed.

What are the limits of a digital MasterCard?

Digital cards can only be used online anywhere MasterCard is accepted. They are non-rechargeable and prepaid with an amount limit of $10 - $250 USD/card, valid for 6 months from issue date.

What currencies are available for virtual MasterCards?

Virtual MasterCards are currently available in USD only.

How do I shop online using a virtual card?

1. Choose the 'Credit/Debit Card' option in the payment section online and make sure they accept MasterCard®
2. Enter the 16-digit-card number of the virtual card
3. Enter the CVV code and tap PAY!

Agent Questions
Do any fees apply on the card?

A fixed Issuing Fee of 10% is applied to each virtual card issued.

What are the benefits of being an agent?

An agent can issue up to 1500 digital cards per month and earn instant commission on sales.

What are the limits of an Agent's activity?

Minimum $10 USD credit per purchase and up to 4000 cards issued per month.

Only $1500 USD can be issued to the same mobile number per year.

Become an agent

Master Agents will be a select few only recruited by invitation. Apply to sales@nymcard.com

Can I recruit Subagents?

Yes contact sales@nymcard.com for more info.

User Questions
How can a cardholder check the card activity?
To track the acitvity and balance of a virtual MasterCard , go to nymcard.com : enter the card's 16-digit-number and the mobile number assigned to it.

What is required from a customer to get issued a card?
Only a valid mobile number.

Does a cardholder get charged on transactions?
Card transactions have no hidden fees, nor added charges.

Can a virtual MasterCard be refunded?
Yes. The online merchant can credit the amount back to the card. Processing time depends on the merchant. Make sure it's before the card expiry date.

Can a virtual MasterCard be stolen?
It's not plastic. So no risk! Just safeguard your card details.