Bank Product Recommendations

Allowing banks to make better, more timely decisions by putting 
easy-to-understand, interactive dashboards and reports & data visualizations, giving banks the capabilities to diversify their card 
programs, reach new card customers, and increase card transactions.

NymCard Customer Segmentation

Merchant Marketing Platform

From first purchase to prime memberships. Our merchant platform is an engaging marketing channel that maximizes sales by reaching a larger, more relevant set of customers with higher buying potential and by allowing merchants to custom tailor their offers and engagement visuals according to consumer behavior analytics before, during, and after a campaign.

NymCard Card Linked Marketing

Customer Support

Streamline support processes to improve business performance by monitoring key metrics in real time, identifying variances, understanding why the variance occurred, and making those insights actionable.

NymCard Customer Support

Enabling Interactions

Identifying and even predicting client life events should be at the heart of banks’ and merchants’ efforts to analyse customer data, strengthen customer relationships and increase revenue. In our view, that means using a platform that enhances the understanding of customer behavior and preferences, developing personas, designing customer journeys and delivering proactive marketing tailored to the circumstances of individual customers.

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