Holds all of your cards

The NymCard smart wallet holds all clients’ cards, regular and tokenized ones, ensuring convenience and security in one place.

NymCard All Cards

Personal Finance Management

Presents built in Personalised finance management, informative monthly insights and reports on spending habits with financial visibility and budget setting to drive clients’ positive financial habits.

NymCard Personal Finance Management

Smart Feed

Delivers an intuitive feed of clearly categorized, relevantly detailed and searchable transactions and account information mixed with insights, advice, tailored offers and personal recommendations.

NymCard Smart Feed

Virtual Cards on Demand

Provides virtual cards on demand (online, gift, currency, merchant specific etc…) away from time consuming legacy procedures.

NymCard Cards On Demand

A Mobile Wallet for Life

NymCard’s smart wallet holds all clients’ cards, enables contactless payment of tokenized cards, and turns payments into personalized and meaningful conversations by providing customers with one centralized, clear and searchable feed that displays all their transactions, purchases, spending habits and relevant custom tailored offers and events.

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