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Personal finance can be a beautiful experience

NymCard Personal Finance
A clear, searchable and centralized transactions feed that helps clients manage their personal finance.

  • Intuitive feed of clearly categorized, relevantly detailed and powerfully searchable transactions and account information.
  • Consolidated view of all clients’ cards with balances, rewards and benefits.
  • Built in informative monthly insights and reports on spending habits and budget planning to drive clients’ positive financial habits.
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Paying for things faster and safer is just a phone tap away

NymCard Pay with phone
NymCard’s built-in Mobile Contactless Payments feature enables all cardholders of Visa and Mastercard to make easier and more secure payments with just their phone.

  • Contactless payment with Android devices for a faster, easier and more secure paying experience.
  • Approved Mastercard and Visa Tokenisation with the pre-integrated Visa Token Service (VTS) and the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES)..
  • NymCard is responsible for on-going HCE Mastercard and Visa Lab evaluation and certification, saving Issuers and Partners a considerable expenditure and effort on 3rd Party testing and qualification.
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Every transaction strengthens the relationship

NymCard Pay with phone
Technology that allows Banks to process consolidated business information from all sources of structured and unstructured data.

  • Transforming customer data into a valuable set of assets & insights allowing for segmentation based on any combination of relevant variables.
  • Building new revenue streams and helping customers save by providing them with highly relevant deep discount card-linked offers funded by merchants.
  • Utilizing Data to recommend higher-end relevant financial products, increase cross-selling opportunities, reduce operational & marketing cost and reach clients with less time & effort.
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A dialog of financial insights, advice and recommendations

NymCard Pay with phone
Easy-to-understand, interactive dashboards providing reports and data visualizations that give banks and merchants the power to attract new clients and re-engage dormant ones.

  • Delivering a campaign managing system where merchants automatically engage clients with relevant and timely offers based on leading-edge marketing analytics.
  • Provides banks with a data-driven admin interface that utilises all insights to personalize the client’s experience, increase cross-selling opportunities and reduce operational costs.
  • Advanced software that optimizes operations by monitoring key metrics in real time, identifying client behavior and making insights actionable.
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Fast and hassle free integration

Built on secure web standard APIs NymCard is delivered pre-configured to your Bank’s requirements, branding and already connected to Visa VTS and Mastercard MDES services, ensuring that your new mobile payment experience is brought to market with minimal internal resources and in the shortest possible time.

On Prem or On Cloud

Have the flexibility to run NymCard where and when it’s right for your specific situation. NymCard’s modern platform is optimized for any environment—transient or persistent, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud—and is completely portable. That means you can run in the cloud or on-prem, and easily migrate workloads between environments.

State of the art Security

NymCard’s PCI Level 1 compliant environment adheres to the highest levels of controls, encryption and governance to protect highly sensitive data.

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